Friday, July 20, 2012

Love A Little Harder Today

Last night I said the words that have stricken fear in even the heart of my happy-go-lucky husband over the 15 years he has been married to me. 
Those words are:  "Something is really bad.  I don't know what.  But it's bad."  Those words were spoken at 11:30pm-ish pacific time as we finished up a long actuarial study session. 
The women in my family are like this.  We can have extreme intuition for large negative news events or events that will cause us to lose a personal family member. 

This morning I was afraid to turn on the TV and yet a feeling of already knowing and accepting was there, just as it always is when this feeling gets to me.

Now we all know what happened.  And it is shocking.

I will be praying for all the families whose lives have been affected by this horrific act.  I will wish for a restoration of peace, safety and over all well being for everyone involved.  I will hope that all of this sad and unnecessary evil will serve to bring loved ones together in a stronger way.

I will love a little harder today.


  1. I am not sure that we will ever actually understand these sorts of events. Sometimes things snap in people's brains. Period. They truly go crazy. I am not sure that they have any actual understanding of what they are doing. They have lost touch, in any meaningful understanding of the word, of their own actions. Perhaps their personal trauma has been so great they can no longer process. I simply do not know. Maybe they think they are somewhere else. Whatever. Or maybe they are just crazy. I don't have enough info on this one to tell. But, it is so very sad. Tragic.

  2. People have lost their way. We are desensitized with what we watch and hear. There is so much time spent on Facebook, Twitter, internet sites that people aren't real. We have so many superficial acquaintances and fewer really meaningful ones. Our culture keeps throwing out the boundaries for behavior and people don't know the difference between reality and the latest reality episode. We watch people make fools of themselves and get media attention in the meantime. The words we use, the names we call each other, the spin in politics meant to make others look bad. It's so sad. Wasted lives. People are grieving tonight because someone thought this was the way to cope. I don't have the words.

  3. How intuitive of you! I am sickened about what happened, and heartbroken for the victims, and their families. We all need to love a little harder...


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