Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What If I'm Nuts?!

If you knew me IRL (in real life- whatever that is), you certainly would have heard by now about how much I used to worry about the fact that I might turn out to be a real nut job.  Let's just say that in my family the odds truly are not stacked in my favor on this one.  Realistically,with my family history, I have about a 75% chance of being clinically whacked in one way or another- supposedly diminishing after the age of 30 or so.  So I might be safe by now, but I also might not be.  Whatever...  I'm currently 38 and I figure that maybe it would be worse if I never, ever get to experience any crazy (as a mature adult who can make her own choices) at all.

So, yesterday my husband comes home and he tells me that his place of work will be going through a major shake up in the next few months.  He also lets me know that his department is very likely to be one that might be moved to the corporate headquarters in Boston. 

And then he looks at me in that knowing way that says that he is well aware that there is 'no way on God's green earth' that I will ever be caught alive living in Boston (there is background here- no offense to Bostonians) and says:  so I guess that we would have every reason to move to Texas then, huh?

And I answer with:  Yup.  I'll call the real estate agent so we can get to work on possibly selling the house. 

What if nuts is what I need after all?  Maybe careful planning is not going to be the answer to getting to Texas.  Maybe a shake up is what it's going to take to get me out of my safety zone and away from the idea that I can 'fix' it so my life will never be too crazy- so I can ward off all the crazy that was when I was growing up.  Maybe too much safety isn't what it's cracked up to be.

I'll let ya know!



  1. I have met you IRL and you are definitely NOT nuts. And maybe just going for it is what you need. It is kind of like that Airplanes song... sometimes you can miss your plane and not even know it. All of those "what ifs..." So, when you get your chance, take it!!!!

  2. Jasmine: Nuts? That's why I like blogging with you. I'm older than you are, so I went nuts a long time ago. If I had known what was in store for me, I would have opted for the crazy life even earlier.

    10 years ago, we were living in New Hampshire on one of the most beautiful spots in the world. We restored an old cross country ski resort along a half mile of a gorgeous trout stream. My wife and I lived in the main lodge, and my kids lived in the restored cottages in the woods. We also bordered a state forest. We had moose, bear, and deer all over our property, and a private bridge over the river. I can't imagine a more beautiful spot on Earth. Of course, the New Hampshire mountains in winter are frigid. We rarely got warmer than 18 degrees below zero from Christmas to February. When my wife was told she was developing arthritis in her hands from the cold weather, I packed up our stuff, put the place on the market and moved South - in two months. Everyone told me I was crazy. Today, my wife's arthritis is gone and we have never been happier than we are in St. Augustine. Insanity rocks!

  3. Well, new visitor here, and you don't sound nuts to me! And even if you are nuts, remember what the mad hatter said - "all the best people are!" :)

  4. Welcome to the crazy! :) Being nuts is all the rage, don't you know? At least, that's what I keep telling myself. Moving is scary, period. But moving to a place you absolutely do not want to move to? Well that's downright frightening! Move to Texas, keep me and the humidity and the heat, company. :)

  5. @everyone- thanks for the reassurance about being crazy. Seems a lot more like possibilities than anything scary at this point. And maybe that's the truly weird part. I think I might be more disappointed if everything comes out totally safe after all. We'll just see where this takes me and mine...

    @Robin & Yvonne- When I get my chance I am totally taking it! And I definitely NOT going somewhere that I have no desire to be- unless I go kickin' and screamin' (and we're destitute or something...)

    @JJ- I love all your adventures and they've definitely opened my eyes to the idea that sometimes the unplanned is the best thing ever!

    @Lauren- Great to meet you. Thanks for coming by!

  6. We're all a little nuts, aren't we? Sounds like God has something interesting in plan for ya'll's future. Can't wait to hear out the journey goes!


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