Thursday, August 2, 2012

Surviving The Crazy... And Seafair!

Lately around here, it's still a little bit crazy.

1)  We've settled into a routine of working especially hard to get my husband through his next actuarial exam by having him 'teach' his papers to me.  He missed passing the last one by 1/4 of a point!  So this new tactic has got to work- since either he needs to make sure he's a valuable enough employee to keep around after his company's coming shakeup or we'll need all the help we can get in selling him to somebody elses company in Texas.  Cuz' we sure won't be able to afford to be staying here if his company shows him the door.  Either way, we're going to be prepared!

2)  I recently survived a 20 year high school class reunion that entailed a strange trip down memory lane with a neighbor girl who was always my friend at home, but never at school.  She was a cheerleader and I the band geek.  I learned that she is now a lesbian who is super down to earth and still as sweet as I remember she could be and she learned that I am now a blond who it turns out had a secret life of competitive dancing and other things that prove I was never really that geeky at all.  Ahh, the lives we lead when we compartmentalize!  It's so much easier to be real and just one person...  And it wasn't half bad to be lumped into the new clique of those dubbed the 'non-agers' at the reunion.  Thank goodness the attendees were mostly different than those who came 10 years ago, so nobody said a word about how much fatter I was last time around!

3)  It's also that time of year when Seattleites go as nuts as any politically correct people can.  It's Seafair!


Tomorrow my husband will feel his office building shake as the Blue Angels arrive in town.  Many people will go bonkers, either complaining about all the unnecessary noise and hoopla or joining in.  It's really not summer in Seattle without Seafair- rain or shine, complete with people suddenly tearing off clothes to reveal especially bad tattoos and fishbelly white skin, the wonderfully intelligent combination of drunken boaters all tied together to a logboom and women who only pretend to be disgusted when the pirates drag them down the beach and haul them off at swordpoint.

Here's a sample of the raucousness for the out-of-towners to enjoy:  You really have to see it to believe it! 


  1. ooh I MUST GET to Seattle some day!!



  2. What a fun video! Seafair sounds like it was a blast! The little boy pirates were adorable.


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