Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thanks... And Still Working Hard

Many thanks to those of you who felt compelled to comment on my last post about coming out of the political closet, so to speak.  I really appreciate your honesty and willingness to 'put it out there'.  It does my heart good to know that I am not alone, even out here on the left coast...

Common sense must reign, I say!

I also wanted to give a bit of an update about my husband, concerning his abdominal rebuild that he had back in May. 

Never fear.  I am excited to say that there is no bad news at all!   

You may recall having seen these amazing pictures!  We still can't believe how much more 'normal' he looks!

As the months have gone by everything has gone as it should.  However, that doesn't mean that everything is easy for him.  This has been a long and strenuous road with still more to go.  He's about 90 days out and is now having to really stretch and learn to use the muscles with the way they have been changed and re-purposed because basically some of his oblique muscles were completely moved and integrated into his abdominals. 

Up to this point he has been in a binding garment almost 24/7 to protect the work that was done and allow for healing.  Now my husband has to start the process of letting his muscles relearn how to be strong for his core.  It is a tough and painful process leaving him feeling sore on most days.

But this is all just one more step in the process and we are grateful to be doing this work.  It will be worth it.  I see those commercials with the vets coming back from war severely injured and I can't help but think that this is really nothing compared to all that.  And yet, it is hard for me to watch my husband struggle through this process.

It all goes to show again that anything worth having takes a lot of hard work to get to.  It seems these days this poor guy is always working hard towards something- whether it's all those hours of study and testing to become an actuary or working super hard to just have a normally functioning body, this guy sure could use a break!  I am so looking forward to watching my husband transition from hard work to more wonderful results and I know it's going to happen for him!


  1. Those are amazing pictures! You are a very strong person, and that's great that your husband has you to cheer him on and encourage him as he recovers.

  2. wow and AMEN.
    in all facets of life---all things worth it take work.



  3. I am sure your presence and encouragement mean a lot to him as he rehabilitates. One day this will be a memory, one day soon I hope. Take care.

  4. He seems to be a real trooper. So glad that the recovery is going as well as it is. Just keep on keeping on and maintain that positive attitude. It appears to be working very well for you thus far. I think our brains (and bodies) respond better than we even know... You have learned so much from this that has been for the good, even though it might not have seemed like it when it was happening. I am coming to believe that some of the best things come from the worst things. We need those pushes to get us to better places. I know that you two will end up in a fantastic place. It will just take perseverance.

  5. I send all my best vibes your way.

  6. Good for him! It is an impressive transformation.
    It is always hardest when we have to keep on, day after day after day. Most of us aren't designed that way. he has done so well. Wow.

  7. I am glad that he continues to improve. He sounds like a great man and I wish him the best. I'm sure that your support and love are making all the pain and struggle a little bit easier.

    It has been a crazy summer. I have been keeping up with your posts but the device I was reading blogs on would not let me comment. So, I had not forgotten about you. I have kept you all in my prayers, and I am glad to hear hubby is healing!

    Thank you for checking in on me and leaving the kind comments.


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