Monday, August 20, 2012

Do It NOW!!!

My husband and I belong to a really fun dance club.  Ours is the largest club of its kind in the area and they have many silly traditions that add to the enjoyment of belonging to the club.  One of the traditions that happens at almost every dance our club holds is: 'do it now'.

Basically what happens is that whatever is happening on the dance floor, when somebody yells out 'do it now!', then everybody immediately does one big giant spin- all together.  It's a pretty amazing moment to see and always adds a moment where you just can't help but smile.

This past weekend, as I was going about doing the little things that I have promised myself that I will do to get my house totally ship shape in case I might like to put it up for sale at any coming moment, I got to thinking about 'do it now'.  (I often do my best thinking while doing mundane tasks.  It's one of the reasons that I sometimes love mundane tasks.  That and you can usually see real progress real fast.  Anyway...)

I ended up thinking that 'do it now' should probably be initiated into just about every aspect of life.

I mean, who couldn't use a good reason to shake things up and put a smile on their face?!  Just for stopping for a moment and getting silly, like putting a fun little spin into your day- for really no reason at all...

And on top of that idea, there is always the literal translation of all those things we mean to do and plan on doing for way longer than it actually takes to do them.  And then when we finally do those things, we are amazed at how quick and easy they are and what a nice change ensues.  In other words, you can often get a lot of bang for your buck out of doing something easy and then stand back and admire your work and enjoy!

Like me:  this past weekend I dragged out one of those paint cans that we all keep around and did that touch up work on those scuffed walls that so many of us look at with disdain and swear to do something about when we get around to it.

Now my walls have gone from looking something like this:


To a lot more like this:

(Not pictures of my house, but you get the idea...)

Lovely, fresh and clean!  Sometimes a small change can make a huge difference.  So I say, DO IT NOW!!!


  1. What if I'm to busy to do it now? LOL.

    Great post though. One task I always put off is cleaning the bathrooms. I've convinced myself it's this monumental task that takes way too long. I'm always amazed at how quickly it's done.

  2. Anything that makes you smile is terrific. I am happy you and your husband are enjoying it. You could both use a break.

  3. how much do I LOVE You belong to a dance club?!



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