Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'll Be Even Braver This Time

Last election cycle I did more than I have ever done before when it comes to politics.  I did more than talk and I got involved in local races where I poured my heart and sweat into trying to make a difference. 

The campaign I helped the most with lost by 6,000 votes.  It really made me sad and sorry for the fact that each one of us involved believed that we might have done just a little bit more to have garnered some of those needed votes.

But the truth was I was still too scared to really come out of the political closet.  I did my level best at talking to strangers and friends who agreed with the candidates and ideals that I was working for, but I wasn't willing to cross over the threshold of letting everyone I know in on what and who I support. 

Honestly, it seemed too dangerous.

What if I ticked off somebody I work for?  What would my neighbors think? 

I was so used to just keeping my mouth shut and nodding so an not to tick off people with my politics, even if I never intend to attack them in any way for their own.  Even though I don't agree with many people's politics and yet have learned to always be respectful. 

Somehow I never learned to expect the same for myself.

I live in a place where if you are not a 'progressive liberal' type, then your views simply do not count.  You will be laughed out of any political discussion with a knowing look of feeling sorry for how stupid and small your silly ideas of more freedom and less government are. 

If you live somewhere other than the left coast, you may be thinking that there cannot be a place like that in America.  Come here and see.  I dare you.

So, this time I'm putting it out there.  All the way out there!  I might make some people mad.  People may not like me as much.  I won't be as safe.  I'll have to put up with being called names, yelled at, being flipped off.

That's OK.  I'll be true to myself and have no regrets this time.
A sign like this is going up in my front yard just as soon as I can get one.  
And I'm getting a bumper sticker too.
These are not perfect candidates.  And neither am I a perfect person.
But I'll be freer one just for the fact that this time I'm actually willing to put it out there for everyone to see.


  1. I am behind you 100%. You don't need people who cannot at least respect a difference of opinion. Roseanne Barr is a perfect example of the attitude of liberals when she said people who ate at S--T-fil-A should get cancer and this was just because the owner expressed his convictions about marriage. He was set up. What did they think a Christian owner of a business that was closed on Sunday was going to say? Hmmmm - let's ask this person how he feels about marriage and then act all offended and outraged at his answer. We try to shut businesses down now if the owner doesn't share our views? If tax and spend worked, then California would be in great shape - how many cities now have declared bankruptcy out there? Isn't it about 4 so far? Republicans have been too nice. Have you seen some of the ads the Democrats are using? They tied Romney to a man's wife dying of cancer. She had her own insurance; the man in the ad was offered a buy out because the company wasn't going to survive; and it was something like 5 years later that she died - this is how they operate. Harry Reid and his unbased accusation that Romney hadn't paid taxes for 10 years, no proof, he just said it on the Senate floor. He floats that and then acts like Romney should be obligated to refute his statement. Well, I heard Harry Reid likes little boys and should prove me wrong. Ann Romney was criticized for a blouse she wore that cost $900 and Michelle Obama wears a $6,000 one and nothing is said. I better stop. I'm getting mad. Take care.

  2. Well, color me happy....Romney Ryan 2012! Can't wait to vote, quite frankly.

  3. The great thing about this country is being able to live your life according to your own beliefs. Chick-fil-a is a legit business and the owners should not be judged on their beliefs on marriage. Boycotting their food due to their beliefs on marriage makes as much sense as boycotting gas because Saudi Arabia doesn't condone homosexuality. Come on liberals! If you are going to make a stand, go all the way. You can't pick and choose. It is about as smart as not liking Elton John because he is gay and that is just stupid. He is a wonderful musician. Judge him on the music. Judge the restaurant on the food. The musician on the music. And we all have to suck it up on the gas. At least, for now.

    The intelligent person can show respect for everyone.

    Now, on to the more important things like the economy and health care and the state of this country... Frankly, I think that Obama should have already been impeached. He has already written Executive Orders outside of wartime scenarios, which was not the intent of the Order, to further his own agenda. The Health Care Bill is a freakin' disaster that none of us will really know the extent of until it rolls out. We are only starting to get hints of it now. For example, I heard a call-in on a radio show from a doctor who had just been to conference in Washington DC who had just been given instruction that after the election people over 70 were to be given Comfort Care instead of treatment for strokes. That was his area of expertise. In other words, people over 70 are not to be rushed into surgery and treated, but their families are now going to watch them die while their families watch helplessly. And when they scream, "Why is this happening????" All the doctor can say is, "This is the new Health Care Plan Directive. I cannot respond any differently." Well, thank you Obama for this wonderful insurance you have provided. It is a very effective means of killing off the elderly and the sick. I am sure that you have something super special in your Health Care Plan for people like me on Disability. Can't wait to find out what it is.... But, I have no doubt that it is intended to shorten my life as fast as possible.

    So, color me happy. Romney Ryan 2012! Can't wait for November. Forward!!!! OH, and we are so ready for CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE!

  4. Yay for your revived enthusiasm for politics and making a difference! You should not feel bad because your candidate did not win the last time around. Just keep trekking for better days. Regardless of what party we support, we should ALL get involved. Intelligence always trumps ignorance. Case in point, Chick Fil A. They are getting more exposure and the lines have not suffered at all. I am an American and as such, have the right to speak my mind, regardless if you agree with my views or not. That is a right, we ALL share.

  5. Good for you for making a difference and for having the courage to stand up for what you believe is right! That is awesome!

  6. I admire your guts for standing for what you believe in. That's a rare thing now a days. Be courageous and don't ever change. Keep it up.
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  7. Get to Texas as soon as you can...we have lots of Republicans here ;)

  8. More freedom and less government? Who could possibly be against that? Oh, I know - Socialists. I earned mine, and you didn't earn yours, so we need a government to take some of mine away and give it to you. In a pig's eye! Go Jasmine.


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