Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boston Connection

My husband works for a company that is headquartered in Boston, MA. 

On the day of the bombings I was very relieved to hear that since Patriots Day is a local holiday, the main office in Boston had been closed.  That office is 2 blocks from the spot where the Boston Marathon ends.

My husband and I have only been to Boston once, where we spent our time as tourists buying some Boston Terrier merchandise and hanging out at the 'Cheers' Bar. 

However, we see people from the Boston office on a regular basis at events that happen here in Seattle- especially all the happy times when people are receiving their actuarial designations.  We get a kick out of their wicked accents and gregarious ways.

Yesterday, when I found out that some people from the home office had actually been slightly injured from the bombs near the finish line my heart just dropped.  While I knew they were OK and there were no serious injuries, I just could not imagine what it must have been like to have lived through that horrible act of terrorism.

My husband's company has donated 1 million dollars to The One Fund, which has been set up to help those most affected by the Boston terrorist bombings.  If you are so inclined, follow the link above to donate. 

Thanks and take care of you and yours.

"US Flag In Heart Shape" by supakitmod found at


  1. So many personal connections to this tragedy. Thank you for opening up and sharing yours.

  2. it's scary to think of those poor people out for a day of fun with friends and having it end in terror. So many innocent people were injured.

  3. Boston was our old stomping grounds, since we lived in New Hampshire most of our adult lives. The Bull & Finch Pub (Cheers) was always fun. I try very hard not to dwell on tragic losses of human life by terrorists, but we can never forget. If our government doesn't get its politically correct crap under control, it will happen again. We are more than capable of controlling terrorism.


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