Saturday, April 6, 2013

Some Of The Best Advice I Ever Got

Back in college I worked 3 different part time jobs to get enough hours for full time work and still get my school hours in.  One of these jobs was probably the seed that started me into the work I do now.  That job involved helping out a couple of older ladies who needed some simple chores done around the house.

These two ladies were mother and daughter.  The mother was 93.  Not sure of the age of the daughter.

Looking back, I have come to realized that these women were also pretty important in the development of correcting some of my overall self esteem issues and also noticing that there was certainly more to life than what I had previously been exposed to.

I would come once a week to each ladies' household and set into cleaning, organizing or running errands as needed.  These households were much nicer than anything I had ever seen before-  not just because they were beautiful homes, but simply in the efficiency and calm manner that these households were run.  The ladies' homes were wonderful to be in and there was such a sense of pride and goodwill that emanated from them.
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Sometimes the daughter would be listening to a list of her stock results or getting ready to entertain.

Sometimes the mother would have visitors over or be ironing her household linens.

Whatever was going on I would always feel as if things were moving in a positive direction and I believe that just absorbing the happy and contented vibes of two women who were not afraid of hard work and were reaping the benefits of said work was an immeasurably positive experience for me.

Many times one of the two ladies would sit me down and share a 'break time' with me.  They would sometimes tell me what a hard worker I was and how my willingness to do anything without complaining would get me far.  I would smile and think to myself how wonderful it was to be spending time in one of these lovely homes.

One day, the 93 year old lady shared an insight with me that I have never forgotten.  She told me that she had always vowed to have her house ready for guests at any time.  In so doing this, she said she was never resentful of having people over and she got to enjoy a beautiful home at all times.  I took this as the helpful piece of advice that it was and have been so grateful for it over the years.
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These two lovely ladies I write of are now long gone from my life, but obviously never forgotten.  They both made a huge difference for me with just sharing some simple things from their everyday life.  I like to think that I promote their legacy by sharing their words with others.  I also share this advice of my own:  When you bring something new home, take the time to edit out something old from your household.  Keep a bag in the garage or somewhere else out of the way and make a donation to charity when it gets full.

What is some of the best advice you were ever given or gave?  What's the simplest thing that anyone ever told you that made a big difference in your own life?


  1. In some ways you were just like a sponge soaking up all of the good things. How wonderful:) I can see that the experience altered your life in many ways, exceeding that of the advice you just handed out. Those two ladies were blessings!

  2. It always amazes me how people come into our lives, even for a minute, and somehow strike a chord in us. Good for you for continuing the legacy that these women shared with you.

  3. Best advice I ever got came from an unlikely older brother. I was upset about something someone said to me...I told my older brother. He said, "Is it true?" I said 'no'. He said "Then f*ck it, if it isn't true don't worry about it." I apply it to nearly everything. Everyone is going to have their opinions..whenever someone is trying to tear you down or make you believe what they believe...about you or anything else...just apply 'is it true'...if it's not, don't worry about it..if it is then fix it.


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