Friday, October 11, 2013

Look Out World, Here I Come!

A recent fortune received after some tasty kung pao

Sometimes we have to get back to our core.  That inner 'thing' that tells us what we really want is a powerful tool when we actually pay attention to it.

It's easy to get caught up in over-thinking stuff and hoping to do what we 'ought' to do, all the 'shoulds'.

The facts are what they are in any situation; and yet how those facts pertain to our lives can be something else entirely.

So for me and mine, for now, the most important thing is that we are all on the same page.  We're coming out and declaring to the world that we are going to make a move to Southern California!

My husband and I have spent a lot of time in California, making wonderful memories and strengthening the bonds of family and friendship.  California is our go to, for reliable weather and an easy going attitude.  California has been pretty good to us over the years.

We need to leave the Seattle area.  Hiding out from the grey and the rain 9 months out of the year has never been our bag.  We are constantly seeking out sun.  The snippy 'Seattle freeze' attitude is real.  Frankly we're tired of spending time trying to avoid interaction with people who want very badly to let you know how much better they are because they are greener, donate more to charity and are just way smarter than you.

There are always things we can complain about in any place we choose to live.  It's time to stop complaining and move on. While Washington is beautiful in many ways and Californians can be dopey and apathetic, there is no perfection anywhere.  Only different experiences that can fit us better or worse at different points in our lives.

This feeling of being ready for change is so strong now.  I am familiar with it.  It is the exact same feeling I had when we bought the Palm Springs condo one year ago in November. 

That turned out to be absolutely one of the best things that my husband and I have ever done!


  1. "Gonna march your band out...... gonna beat your drum." Look out world, here you come. Shades of Funny Girl. Yes, I definitely agree you should move where there is sun, I said that on a recent post, I recall. I doubt if I could ever live where there is constant rain or darkness, as in Alaska.
    Follow your heart. I wonder if the Yellow Brick Road was really the heart?

    1. We actually refer to where we live now as Southeast Alaska! People who move here are generally shocked at how dark it is most of the time and how we refer to the mountains being 'out' today like most people refer to the sun being out. Our 14,000 ft. Mt. Rainier is completely obscured all but 100 days of the year. It's amazing, really.
      I love your Yellow Brick Road comment. The Wizard of Oz has so much symbolism and really so much to say about life. You've made a wise observation.

  2. I had Kung poa for the first time in my life last week! Talk about change your life...then again, I live for food...

    1. Kung Pao was really the first spicy food that I learned to like. It really was life changing and awesome! Goes with the theme- change is good.

  3. Yay! Very excited for you!
    I don't think I could handle the rain and clouds for that much of the year either. Sun is good for the soul (just not when it's hotter than 72*) And you'll be even closer to your home in Palm Springs!

    I'm glad that even though here in Colorado it can get cold and snowy, we have very few days when we simply can't be outside for at least part of the day! In fact, I think we spend more time outside in the fall, winter and spring than we do in the summer. Even on the coldest days hermits usually sunny and bright. So we bundle up and enjoy it!

    Good luck, I hope all goes well and smooth for you!

  4. I've thought about the idea of being in a place where it's not always warm, but is bright and sunny. I think for now I need the 'full meal deal' of both the sun and the warm, because I have spent so long being so darn cold all the time. My husbands relatives from Pennsylvania could not believe how "wet cold" it was when they visited once in March. They just could not get warm- and they spend the winters with feet of snow and big huge icicles hanging off their roof!
    I love your 72 degree comment. You might like it here more than I do- we're lucky to see much over that, even in the summer time. I keep my house at least 72 inside- all year long. My favorite overall temp is 85, but in the desert you can add 15 degrees to any temp quite comfortably, so if I don't see 100 when I go to Palm Springs I end up a bit bummed. Waking up to the bright sunlight every morning there makes up for any day that doesn't make 100 degrees. I call it waking up to 'Disneyland blue skies' and it makes me so very happy! In fact that is actually how we came to realize we belonged in California after all- I was in a wave pool, on a float and looked up at the sky and realized that it looked exactly like the fake sky painted for part of the Hollywood back lot set in California Adventure. My husband couldn't believe how true that observation was... I know, weird how we come to life decisions sometimes, isn't it?

  5. I feel that way about our blue skies in Florida (and even Georgia). There have been occasions that have required going back to Ohio in winter and the grey sky is soul deadening. So bleak. I can't remember how I stood it as a young person. I guess I didn't know any different. Anyway, it is always such a relief to get back to blue skies and sunshine.

    I hope that you love Southern California until Texas makes a home for you. Yay for the sunshine.

    1. I've thought a lot about what suddenly made me just unable to stand the weather and the overall attitude here in the Northwest. I certainly agree that when you don't know any different, you just exist and do what you've always done. I think the change occurred for me when I really started traveling around and kept gravitating to sunny weather locales- from Mexico to the Caribbean and everything else here in the U.S.
      A big moment for me came when I saw a whole 'nother side of my husband when I first took him to Mexico. Always an easy going guy, he really seemed to come into his own when surrounded by palm trees and sun!


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