Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never Say Never

I don't care if I end up looking/sounding stupid. 
I really don't.
Seriously, have a laugh.  This one's on me.  
And we'll all feel better for it. 
I'll laugh right along with you.

Ever get the feeling you've been swimming against the current and then found yourself wondering why?  Sometimes we fight and fight and fight against something, only to find that the thing we thought we ought to avoid at all costs is the very thing that we really need to be doing.  In fact, it's what is meant to be.  At least for a particular season or two of life.

So here goes. 

Through a series of unfortunate experiences with a surprise opportunity that turned out to be a non-issue with a company that still doesn't know exactly what they are looking for, my husband and I did manage to learn something very important. 

Both of us are actually very open to the idea of living in California.
Stop laughing.  Seriously, you can stop now.
I know, I know... I wrote this: Why Southern California Isn't Really A Full Time Option

This would not be forever.  Not even for more than a few years or so.
But after honestly looking at the possibility of living in Southern California, my husband and I both came to the same conclusion- the annoying things that have kept us from moving to California, like crazy politics and a high cost of living are already haunting us daily right here in Seattle.

While we would not accomplish the true fit of home that Texas feels like for us, nor some key long term objectives- we could manage to put on something warmer and more easy going and wear it in comfort for a time.  And of course there is the fact that there are more options for where my husband is in his career right now than there are in Texas.  So it just makes sense in a lot of ways.

I guess I'm saying I've realized that sometimes an in-between is good enough for awhile.  And it sure beats the feeling that I have every time I come back 'home' from Palm Springs to the Northwest- that feeling that has grown stronger and stronger for my husband and I.  That feeling that simply says:  We can't stay here anymore. 


  1. One of my best friends had to move to San Diego a few years ago. Even though her reason for being there is no more, she refuses to leave SoCal, because apparently it is that awesome.

    My point being, you may end up loving it after all :)

  2. Will we ever learn to Never Say Never???

  3. Jasmine: I am not laughing. Texas is "in-between." Southern California is best described by Dante. I'm just not sure what level. for the record, I have many relatives in the San Diego area. They love it, and the weather is always perfect. Be sure to move because the weather is always perfect, not because my relatives love it. They moved there from Mars.

  4. After living in Texas (Dallas) for 21 years...I made the decision to move back to my home state of Louisiana nearly 6 years ago. It was scary to think of moving back to a well known poverty state - but at the same time...having lived majority of my adult life in Dallas & referring to it as a "slow death", It became necessary to move away from the fast paced hustle & bustle & go for something a bit more sedate. You never know...you may look back on this and discover California wasn't as bad as you thought it might be...and just think of the wonderful photo opportunities awaiting you!


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