Friday, May 20, 2011

Bringing The Sun To Me

We are about to have our first day of at least 70 degrees here in the Northwest, since November 3, 2010.  (And by Thanksgiving it was snowing.)  That's right folks, it has been 198 days since we last felt a 70 degree day, and I would say that 70 is not even all that ambitious but I guess we take what we can get.  Oh, and did I mention that since we welcomed in 2011 there have only been 27 days without rain?!  The forecast is set for rain again by Sunday and today is the only day of 70 degrees and sunshine for the foreseeable future.

So anybody who wonders why I am so hellbent to get some sun, I think you probably get it now.  At any rate, I have decided that since the sun is playing shy with us out here I will do what I can to bring the sun, or at least the impression of it, to me.

Here is my latest attempt to pretend that I live somewhere other than I do.  I will be enjoying a little subtropical corner of life on my very own deck with some hearty banana plants, some lilies and Gerber daisies.

I really am usually pretty good at making the best of any day, no matter the weather.  I am usually not this much of a complainer about the weather.  Still, wouldn't you know that we would end up with a record-breaking year of lousy weather just after I have decided to move to a warm weather place? 

I hope the plants and I can survive the 'cool' and rainy summer that we are supposed to be getting.  Have a good one.  I am off to milk this day for all it's worth!


  1. I didn't realize you were in the Northwest, although I do love it there. I guess I wasn't paying attention. I thought you were in Texas. Poor soul. Move South!

  2. blech. It has been so cold here in colorado as well. I am sooo tired of it. I looked at the sky yesterday and shook my fist and said "If you don't knock it off, I'm moving back east for the water!" lol.
    The only reason we love it here is the sunshine, that away and what is the point! ugh.

  3. @JJ- I wish I was in Texas as you thought, but that's the whole reason I got started on this here blog so we'll see what happens as I venture on to try and get to Texas after all.
    The Northwest is beautiful and green and tourists love it because they don't live through the 'price' we pay for all the beauty that is here to enjoy for at least a few months out of the year- ;)
    @Christine- I loved the image of you shaking your fist at the sky!


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