Thursday, May 5, 2011

Doggy Dementia

Who ever knew that there was a form of Alzheimer's that affects dogs?
Apparently CDS or canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome is something that is affecting my dog.  He was diagnosed the day after his 14th birthday.  He had started to act a little funny here and there.  One thing he does that is a bit weird is go over and stand in a corner, staring at the wall.  He also has gotten louder over time, kind of as if he has lost his inhibitions.  I thought these things were just a part of aging since I know he can't see or hear very well anymore.  But, I finally took him in to see the vet when he stopped making it to the door when he needed to go outside.  He would wake up groggy and stagger about, then pee all over himself like some kind of drunk!  (If you're curious about CDS or want to know the symptoms, click here.)  The news that my dog is compromised by more than aging is a little sad, but not really a huge shock as he has well outlived his expected time on this earth of 10-12 years. 

The good news is that he is super healthy physically and has been on medication for a few weeks now and is responding quite well.  So for now, he is still the life of the party.  My Boston Terrier has always loved a good party. 

And who ever knew that dogs could really get together to have a party like they do in my favorite Dr. Seuss book, 'Go Dog Go!'  Check out these pictures from a dog birthday party at my friends house back in February. 

These are the 'cupcakes' that I made for the dogs.  Their ingredients include oatmeal, carrots, olive oil and canned dog food with gravy and crumbled kibble on top.  And, of course, some dog treat 'candles' on top for the dog that was turning 3 at this party.

Yes, these stink while you are cooking them and the dogs go nuts sniffing all over the kitchen!

My dog is always the last to fall asleep at these dog parties.  I think he's a lot like me in the way that he never wants to miss anything.  Once the other dogs have all passed out, he finally gives in to his exhaustion.

And yes, he wears a great hat, just like the dogs in the Dr. Seuss book!  I love my little party animal.


  1. I saw that disease with my sister's dog. 14 years is a long dog time. Her dog was 17, with the same symptoms you describe.

  2. Never knew it could affect dogs too. Sorry, but glad to hear he's doing well on the meds.
    The doggie cupcakes are too cute! Looks like your pal partied hard and crashed with a fun party favor. :-) He's a cutie.

    The tire garden picture on my blog was just a photo I found online. I wish it was mine. My seeds are still on my kitchen window too.

    Happy Mother's Day! I'm sure your little pal would tell you if he could talk.

  3. Dog birthday parties-- that's pretty funny.

    The issue of CDS makes sense. Seems like dogs' brains would deteriorate over time just like human brains. I wonder how they were able to diagnose it though? I guess it just comes from the research.

    Tossing It Out


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