Monday, May 30, 2011

A Memorial Day Thought

I took the weekend completely off from the computer when the laptop was put away before a party we hosted on Friday night. While I enjoyed a little down time, I did think of the true meaning of Memorial day. And having come back online this Monday night I find that one of my favorite bloggers has posted a lovely bit from YouTube that puts my feelings about our soldiers into perspective quite nicely. So thanks Christine over at a Deliberate Life and here is the link.  (Pause the music player before viewing.)
A Deliberate Life: For our Soldiers......
Have you thanked a veteran lately?  What do you know about those from your own family that have served?  It's never too late to get to know the important stories that sometimes never get told by those who are so amazingly humble.  Sometimes we only get to hear about greatness after someone is gone.


  1. I thank veterans daily. I also teach many of them online, while they are deployed in the war zone.

  2. Wow JJ, how awesome that you have found such a great way to benefit our veterans with your talents!


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