Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Practicing For Life In Texas

This weekend, as I passed through the door from the house to the garage, I noticed a HUGE bug hanging out near the door frame.  It looked a lot like this:

This dude was about 4 inches long and residing at the corner of the door jamb as if he/she belonged there.  But I could have sworn that it was sneering at me, daring me to DO something.

Now in my household we rarely get anything with more than 4 legs that requires any action on my part.  A stray ugly, furry spider is usually the worst of it.  And our spiders are rarely much larger than a quarter.  Still I don't love seeing any critter of the insect type INSIDE my house.  And I don't relish having to get them out.  So what to do?

I thought of how I often just pretend that I didn't see a bug and hope that it will go away.  It works, sometimes.  But then sometimes I wake up with a bunch of bug bites too.  So I guess my ignoring the problem doesn't work that well...

I thought of my friend who still calls her Dad to get rid of bugs.  And how silly I think that is...

Nope, it was time for me to brave it.  No ignoring or getting someone else to deal with this.

I ran the possible scenarios in my head, including worst case in which the giant bug would land directly on my face and bite my nose! 

And then I got a broom.  No, not to whack the thing.  Just to act as a carrier to get it OUT. 

And you know what?  I opened the garage door, opened the door from the house, and brushed the broom up near the bug.  He/She just climbed right on and took a ride right out the door. 

No drama.  No explaining how I got that bug bite on my nose. 

Yup, I'm ready.  Texas, here I come.


  1. SO FUNNY! "no action on my part" hahahahahaha!!!
    When I traveled to texas with V for his construction co, I couldn't believe the BUGS! We live in michigan and we don't have bugs like that! Hahaha! This was hilarious. Glad you made it out unscathed!
    Have a PRETTY day!
    THANK YOU so much for your comment on my blog drama ! SO sweet of you! Oh my gosh ... I have cried for the past three days over this! And I am not normally like that!

  2. Too funny!
    I like it when there is no drama involved with removing bugs from the home! Glad you survived the ordeal! Sounds like your ready for Texas! I think I'll keep to my mountains!

  3. Be kind to them. They are living things - It's just that everything is bigger in Texas.


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