Thursday, July 21, 2011

Something Is Afoot...


Regular readers: YOU know what I'm getting at.

There's a really good opportunity out there.  And they are interested.  Very.  And so are we.

AND... it's in Texas.

Now I'm not really superstitious or anything.  I don't knock on wood like my neighbor.  But I don't like to jump the gun either.  My husband and I have learned that it is tough to stay excited and ready to do something at any moment, but also that it is tougher still to realize that you might be missing out on what's right here in front of you in your life right now...

Let's just say this is the CLOSEST that we have gotten to having what we have put out there in the universe as what we want to happen, actually happening.

I still believe what is meant to happen will absolutely happen for my husband and I.  And if this particular opportunity is the one, boy will I have to laugh. 

We finally made plans more than 6 weeks out for things we would do here.  We even made reservations for another 'warm weather' vacation.  I just got through as much organizing as I could possibly do ahead of time and finally got back into all my regular activities...

Things do have a way of coming full circle, don't they?

Keep us in your thoughts and I'll keep you posted!


  1. woo hoo! Can't wait for y'all to get here! I'll think positive for you too.

  2. I'll keep emitting that positive energy your way! :)

  3. The universe has a funny way of working things out...

  4. Good luck!
    You will be in my thoughts!

  5. This is exciting... hoping for good news for you both!!


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